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Lancia-Fulvia-sumpguard SSsafkle Safari-enginebay

Pictured here is our replica of the famous Lancia

Fulvia Gr4 rally car that was sent over to Kenia

in 1970 for Munari to do the Safari Rally. As we all know it never came back to Italy since it ended it's life in a ditch. That's why we decided to use a 1969 1,3 body to recreate her. Now she is ready, equiped with a very strong 1600 engine and a five speed gearbox. You can buy her or rent her to join any historic event. Please inquire.

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Lancia Fulvia 1.3S 1969 818.360*008352

HTP for 1,6HF possible.

Engine: Second series 818.540 engine, as new. Output: 150Hp / 195 Nm as tested on the rolling road with complete Gr4 inox exhaust system.

Gearbox: 818.740 mounted, checked and perfect.

This car has been completely rebuild to the highest standards as a correct replica of the 1970 Safari rally car with a welded in 6 point roll over cage according to Appendix K on strengthened sills and with many strengthening plates on the usually weaker spots - as in period.

New paint layers all over after being stripped and sandblasted to bare. No filler used. Now in Rosso Corse as original with the bonnet in black. Interior black only.

Exterior: de-mountable bull bar front and rear, long sumpguard for engine and gearbox.Hella fog-light/wing mounted Cibie drive-light/rear mounted Carello spot light.

Raised suspension with stronger koni shock absorbers.

All new electric loom with relais per function.

One set of 5 Chromadora 13" x 6J rims.

Lancia-Fulvia-rally-fueltank Safari-dashboard

Interior: two BF period correct rally seats, dashboard as in period, FIA OMP fire extinguisher system, 70 liter fuel tank with filler cap on wing.


Lancia Fulvia Coupe 1,3S 1969 818.360*008352