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New in Niki's corner: Again a client asked for a make over of his Fulvia Coupé 1,3 into a correct Fanalone replica. The body needed a new floor, new reinforced sills, a roll cage and a completely new subframe. The engine and gearbox are now being build.

FL ZAG alsid Aprilia sweb

New in Paul's corner: This lovely Aprilia needs a lot of attention after some repair shop treated her unfair. A lot of detailing and a new paint job coming up.

The work on the Ardea Furgoncino is progressing slowly, she went bathing in acid.

And, the Flavia Sport has her skin on again, getting ready for the paintshop.

News from our workshop:


We have again been asked to build some serious engines: there are two 80 x 80 1604cc Fulvia engines coming up,

an Ardea unit needs tuning and a second one must be rebuild. Also a Flavia boxer for the Flavia Sport wants to go faster.

If you are interested in having your Lancia engine tuned for racing or rallying then we can send you a detailed quote on all parts we will use and the cost of labour building and testing her.

YOM Lancia-Fulvia-Competizione-Gr5 Furgo web Art frontside

News from the past:


It all started with a visit to a small town south of Napels, many years ago. Two original Competiziones were for sale:

001907 and 001909, both owned by Leopoldo di Lucia. A client asked me to join him and an Italian translator on an

inspection trip. So he bought 001909, 001907 stayed in Tuscany thereafter. Then an American collector bought the one and an other American collector bought the other after we showed them the way. Let me now show you how we dressed them up in their war colors from the days they won most events.

Art4 Art1

001907 was prepped up for the sale with a new paintjob done in Italy. And a rebuild of the original engine and it's Reparto Corse 5 speed piggy bag gearbox. Many added on parts were of the "cafe-racer" spec from later years.


Our agent from Terni found her in a parking outside Siena and shipped her to Haarlem after the payment was handed over.


Our New York based client, her new owner, asked us to bring her back to her former glory.  And to check her engine to see if she was as in the days.


We found her to be re-sleeved, probably to bring her back from 1400 cc to the homologated 1300 cc. The artisanal welded on camshafts and the lightened gearwheels for the chain still smelt like coming from a Roman tuning shop in the late sixties.


So we took both the engine and the box out and built her a serious 1400 cc replica engine and a stand in gearbox.

She now races like before.

All details on the outside were corrected. She now wears the original colored band and the correct decals. Some do not like the four spoke rims but they are in 7 inch as used before.




To follow:


new cars


You may be looking for a specific car or just a type of car.

You must have seen several being on offer on the internet or maybe the one just around the corner.


Call us to check them out. Before you buy them! To many clients entered our workshop asking us to correct the car they just bought. Replacing rotten sills or wrong engines can be avoided as we know all the suspect areas of the elder Lancia.

And, we have many highly skilled friends that join us inspecting the cars that often only look shiny.


You can send us anywhere. Or we ask our agent in Italy to do a first inspection and arrange a visit for you. He knows what sellers are thrustworthy and what cars they have for sale that never appear on the internet. Ofcourse he is also very familiar with handling the payment and the shipping of whatever you then decide to buy.







But maybe you find the car you like in our showroom. We are no car salesmen - we restore them. Sometimes on our own budget. As much as we like them, we cannot keep them all.

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Not all cars are real Lancia's

On the spot in Bologna:

checking out a Stratos

with our friend mr Baldi.

This aluminum bodied car of the very first series was exported by Lancia to Australia as a standard road going car. In Sydney she changed hands several times before being bought by mr Jeremy Hall who later exported her back to Great Britain where she received the license WLC 536 X. From that moment on the car was heavily used in international rallies until she was bought by a collector   READ MORE


Lancia Fulvia Sport

by Zagato 818.331*001476

ready to race

with a new engine

and rebuild gearbox

With 80x80 1604cc 

75.000 euro


2 x Lancia Fulvia Sport

by Zagato

One with new floor and sills as in picture,

the second in need of a total rebuild.

Both complete cars


One aluminum bodied car of the first series that already has most of the welding done. Now sandblasted and in primer, the skin being cleaned and smoothend. Can be finished by us as a racer or a road going concours car.   READ MORE


The second car is a steel bodied first series

with an additional aluminum skin that can

replace the steel one. Very sound substructure,

can be finished as you like.  READ MORE


Lancia Coupé Rally 1,3

now as 

1,6 Safari 1970 R

with a highly tuned 1600

engine and all the extra's.

Can be had with FIA HTP.

From 65.000 euro 

incl. spares