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Ofcourse your engine is the best, but mine are

different. We started cutting them up to see what they are all about. Then we assemble them three times before they start running. All of our engines are tested on a stand, on a dyno or in our test-car. Because they are different. In compression, in balance, sometimes also in bore and in stroke. It doesn't always show on the outside, but be sure we had a long look inside to find the 152Hp and 205 Nm we have now in our 1600 Fulvia engines. Now you know what it needs. You can order all parts with us, so send us a mail.

It all starts with the flowing, the correct size valves

stronger springs and the best camshafts

then add a good gasket and some headstuds,

high compression pistons on lightweight conrods

and connect them to a well balanced and freshly cut cranckshaft

that rotates in the best bearings under a cradle.

Mount our aluminium flywheel and add a special clutch


and one of our high capacity oilpumps.

We use 40 for torque, 45 for max speed

and our spaghetti to let the horses fart out.


But it all starts with a spark.

One day your car will need a fresh engine. Some will decide on keeping things pretty standard, others need extra horses or more torque. We love to build them all: Fulvia V4's, Appia and older V4's, Flavia boxers or Aurelia and Flaminia V6es.


From the moment we - you and me - decide on the specifications of your engine, we get in the best professionals to do the machining job. They use the proper tools and best parts available to assure you that after Vere Lancia finally assembles the unit it will deliver the power you asked for. Again and again.


We sometimes have fresh engines in stock. Please inquire.

              All our engines come with a new waterpump installed, a standard ignition system and a standard oil filter set up.


              There are no manifolds, carburettors or other fuel mixture systems included unless otherwise indicated. Also the alternator and startermotor as well as special clutch systems, other than our standard system, are excluded. Camcovers other than the standard unpainted ones are excluded.


              All our engines are build with the use of cam lube oil and engine assembly lube. Test runs are done with SAE 30 run in oil that is cleaned out before the Dyno or rolling road tests that are done with Motul 15W50 oil in the carter. If the unit has to be shipped, all fluids are drained.


              All our engines can be put either on a Dyno for a minimum of 4 hours run-in plus several adjusting tests prior to delivery. Or, on request, the engine can be tested in our test car with a serious rolling road session after the run-in km's.


All engines are tested with a standard contact/breaker ignition. Other ignition systems can be build and tested at extra cost.



If an oilcooler is wanted, extra cost per engine:

Aluminium oil cooler appr. 150 euro

Sandwich plate with hoses 100 euro

Valved plugs on hoses 75 euro



If the clients carburettors must be used, an additional 325 euro will be charged for the check-up/overhaul of the supplied set.  



Dyno test 1500 euro

Rolling road test 500 euro per session

Engine build up in car incl. 200 km

run-in 1200 euro


All prices are excluding 21%VAT.


1300 standard unit rebuild with High Compression pistons running on 35 mm carburettors* appr. 115+hp 12,000 euro, standard radiator, rebuild copper 400 euro,

standard exhaust system 250 euro



80 x 80 mm bore x stroke 1604 cc within 1300 housing, with HC pistons, new conrods, new cranckshaft, cradle running on new 40mm Webers on a secondary manifold appr. 140hp 16,000 euro, uprated radiator, copper 450 euro, spaghetti manifold 4>2>1 in inox 975 euro, end pipes and silencers in inox 650 euro.



1600 S2 engine rebuild with HC pistons on used conrods and cranckshaft, running on 42 mm Solex carburettors* appr. 135hp 16,000 euro, uprated radiator copper 450 euro, spaghetti manifold 4>2>1 975 euro, end pipes and silencers inox 650 euro



1600 S2 engine rebuild with new HC pistons on new conrods and a new cranckshaft, running on 40/45/48mm Webers on a single manifold appr. 155hp 18,500 euro. Uprated radiator copper 450 euro, spaghetti manifold 4>2>1 in inox 975 euro, end pipes and silencers in inox 650 euro.


• rebuild of clients carbs and ignitions extra, Webers included


These are general price indications in euro excl VAT, all prices may vary due to the condition of the donor engine. Production time needed 6-8 weeks minimum.               We also do partial rebuilds - like complete heads or cranckcases with cradle - or send you the parts you need to rebuild your own engine.

Sedan front

Hear this engine run on the rolling road

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Fulvia engine Dyno test

January 2019:


Updates on prices and content expected soon.