If you are looking for a Lancia Fulvia Competizione

but do not want to pay silly prices, then maybe our

latest project will fit your budget. Our donor car - a 818.332 first series 1,3 - has body number 001814 stamped in her peralluman skin. As such she has exactly the same specification of the cars used by the factory to create their Competizione versions. Let us show you how we rebuild them into a very strong rally or race car.



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Lancia Fulvia Sport 818.332*001814 as a donor car for a complete rebuild into:  Lancia Fulvia Competizione Replica. Work in progress.

Complete body in paint when finished: xx euro ex VAT

Lancia-Fulvia-Sport-unrestored ZAG3 Front Site

As all 1st series Sports were produced by Zagato with peralluman body panels over a steel structure that was welded to the standard Fulvia Coupé floor, these cars all suffer from electrolitic corrosion in the areas the two metals meet.

Most of the cars that survived the years they were used on the road, were stored under bad conditions, making their floors and sills rot.

Competiziones of the era did not have a roll over cage, but for your convenience we do weld them in using high quality chrome-molybdenum tubing that is bent to our tight-fit design. Together with the internally reinforced sills, both pilots are well protected within the now stiff body.

ZAG3 Side Site

Some of the upper structure panels that were hand-made by Zagato employees must be recreated out of fresh sheet metal. Before the outer panels are mounted back onto the car, the whole steel super structure is drilled in the correct Competizione fashion before being covered with several protective layers of paint.

Most Competiziones were painted in the Rosso Salmone colour, standard Sport colours were used also.

The following pictures show the next steps to completion taken from a different car.

SSoranje Lancia-Fulvia-Zagato-primer Lancia-Fulvia-Sport-body Nikilas

After all welding is done, the complete structure is sandblasted again and painted in the final color.

The aluminium skin is repaired and painted on the inside before being put over the steel inner structure. All contact areas are protected by seam kit.  

Before the final paint layers are applied the surface is smoothened with a minimal amount of filler.

Our 1967 donor car was still in a complete and

rolling condition when we found her. Still we took her apart completely before we took off all of her outer paneling. The steel inner structure has by now been shot clean and painted.


Whereas the front of the car is still strong - and

was never damaged by any accidents - the floor and rear of the car were in a very bad shape.

By now the complete floor and the inner sills have been replaced by original panels coming from Lancia's stock that we were able to source.